Karin with feeding questions for her 7 year old gelding

(I) have a question… In a nutshell…

Was given a horse a year and a half ago, 7 years, gelding, ssh, not broke until earlier that year, been pasture ornament all that time.
When I got him, he was overweight (a little) and had rubbed his mane and tail out.

He started dropping weight, not really getting skinny, but lost his top line. He was ridden enough not to do this, had chiropractor out (several times) he had a sore back.  I kept his rubbing under control by adding apple cider vinegar to his feed, and washing his mane and tail a lot with anti fungal shampoo.

This fall, he tied up on me. might have been my own fault, since I had added some molasses to his feed because he didn't eat his alfalfa cubes.

His weight is ok now, but still has a weak top line and butt muscles.

I have detoxed him (Hilton herbs and a homeopathic detox from the Netherlands). He is on a high fat, high fiber, low (controlled) starch feed and 2 cups of flax a day.

Something isn't right with this horse. He gets sore after exercise, when we go on a long ride, he doesn't eat well. He is a great horse.

I think he has ppsm, or pssm, not sure about the difference, but I cant afford to spend the money to do a muscle biopsy. My vet didn't really recommend this anyway.

Any suggestions?


Yep. Get him off all commercial feed.  Even the low-starch, high-fat are full of junk, especially even hydrogenated fats which are a big part of such issues. His body is trying to "discharge" something still or the tail and main rubbing would likely not be an issue.  Stop the anti fungal stuff only suppresses the problem and makes worse.

Stop the flax! Not fit for man or beast in my opinion..see the article in our library section why.

Finally, follow the feeding advise at www.whattofeedyourhorse.com to the "T". For added detox support in addition to the above add our Health Check supplement/product. Expect a better horse as if anything will help the above will as it has for hundreds of such. The top line may or may not improve but I would be surprised if the all else doesn't

Thanks for asking Karin!