Colleen asks about feeding her 28 year-old pony

We have a 28 year old pony who is unable to process hay due to lack of teeth.  She has been on Purina Senior for many years and is maintaining her weight (and feisty old lady attitude!) on three feedings per day, including soaked timothy/alfalfa cubes added to the late night feeding.  

Her feed is soaked to 'slush' point. She also gets an herb for her cushings symptoms that really helps her.  

I am always looking for an affordable natural alternative to pelleted feed for her but have yet to find something.  

Your thoughts?

Colleen J.

First- Follow our feeding program at to the "T" but soak the oats before feeding (just add some water the oats you will be feeding next round). I would consider adding for additional support our Joint Check supplement and to help even get more "goody" out of what is eaten add our Gut Check supplement. The enzymes will help break down feed even further.

Thanks for asking!