Tina asks a question in regards to 17 year old gelding and his stool…

I have a 17 yr old gelding that pushes out liquid before he poops. He has formed nuttles, but the watery stuff runs down his butt and legs. It requires washing to clean him. I feed him Legends 11 pellets with Joint Combo hoof and coat, BL pellets and Opt e Horse. I also have a 15 yr old mare that receives the same feed and supplements except the BL pellets. I feed timothy hay.


Any suggestions on what to try to straighten him out?

Tina B.

Oh yea, change his feed!  Follow the info/advise at www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com to the 'T" and add our Gut Check supplement for support. I see tons of these situations. He won't need the other supplements and you will even save money overall not to mention help the problem. also..Check out www.askdrdan.com
If anything will help the above will as it has for many!!
Thanks for asking!