Christine with OCD question…

My colt has a small lesion in his right hock.  Right now he is on a regimen of Adequan before vet takes more X-rays.  Are there any other ways to help with this other than surgery? I'd prefer an email answer…no phone calls…not home much. Colt is three.  No signs of ANY issues in other joints.  Just gelded.  Just beginning light training to break to harness.  I'd love to be able to leave his hock alone.

Christine J.

If its a loose piece then surgery is it..regardless.

I would highly suggest our Joint Check at whatever amount it takes to control. I would start with 2 scoops daily. Won't interfere with anything else and is tremendous joint support.

I would also highly suggest our feeding program and following it to the "t".

The fatty acids and other ingredients (unsaponifiables) from our Weight Check (a component of the feeding program) would be of great benefit as well.

Thanks for asking!