about our income/fundraising program for rescues…

I want to help as many as I can and this program has been a tremendous benefit to those that have plugged in to the program. Below is a recent reply to just one of many requests that we receive. Keep in mind that this has worked not only for rescues but for clubs, organizations etc.  If you know someone this will benefit I hope you will share this with them as well.

Hello _______,

I appreciate the work you folks are doing and while I wish I could directly contribute to every
request I receive, we have chosen to use our "rescue" affiliate program to be able to help as many as possible.

Since we went online with this back in 2005 we have paid into the tens of thousands of dollars to help other groups and missions. The details are online at www.DrDansRescue.com . I see that you already have a website that has other affiliate type links but I know you'll find ours very appealing becuase of the low minimum amount needed before actual payout. People love our products as well as our own mission of providing natural solutions for common problems facing people, pets and horses!

Be sure to check us out on facebook (links are at above link) including our newly launched product fan page.

I appreciate you contacting me and do hope for the best for your rescue and all rescues in 2011and beyond!

Stay in touch.