Mary asks about her horse's rash/fungus

What do I do if my horse is shaking her head everywhere and looks like she has a little bit of a rash or fungus?

I have never seen one shake their head from a rash or fungus so may not be related at all. I would suggest having the horse checked locally. Understand that holistically speaking rashes and skin issues are the body trying to "discharge" something of course burns, irritations, etc are potential too. So be looking for what might have gotten into if anything. Medication, chemicals taken internally and even heavy metals exposure can "come out" through the skin. Of course a typical vet would just give u a fungal type shampoo for most anything on the skin. Just be aware there are other things that cause skin problems is my point

Topically I would consider our Grape Balm herbal ointment. As a supplement I would suggest our Health Check to the body "get rid of the junk" whatever it may be. (Super potent antioxidant formula).  For any skin issue I highly suggest our Weight Check oil for all the great fatty acids so important for skin issues and the entire body for that matter.

Finally I suggest our Feed program at so as to not put more "junk" back in. (Commercial feed is full of hydrogenated fats etc that are killing us and our horses).

Thanks for asking