Sonya asks questions about biotin in products

dear Dr Dan, i am currently a customer, and am learning more and more about nutrition for my horses. 
about Biotin:
Q: in reguards to "Just Add Oats" (supplement), what is the mg's of biotin delivered per scoop?
Q: in reguards to the Hoof Check (supplement),, again what is the mg's of biotin delivered per scoop?
Q: can you give your horse to much biotin?  or is this nutrient just passed through the system if not needed?
The bag labels gives it per/lb, but would you please convert it for me, so that i can compare it to some reading ive been doing reguarding biotin.
thank you,
sonya w.
1300 mg/lb equals 81.25 mg/oz. Each scoop is 1.33 oz so 81.25 x 1.33 equals 108 mg per scoop

Hoof Check actually has less but the high methionine, lysine and other hoof benefits potentiate etc. It is 400 mg per lb or 25 mg per oz, 25 mg/oz x 1.6 oz per scoop equals 40 mg per scoop.

You can't get too much!

Most products just have "window dressing" amounts as biotin is an expensive ingredient. As you can see ours don't!

Hope this helps

Thanks for asking!