Lyn asks about Breathing Issues with her horse

Hi Dr. Dan ~  Missed you at the MA Equine Affaire this year!   I have an 18 hand Hanoverian gelding who is 12 years old.  He is on the "What To Feed My Horse" regimen and loves the oats, etc. Two years ago he had a respiratory infection which wasn't picked up by the barn manager until it was full blown.  He was treated and it was resolved.  However, when he is in work, he sounds like a freight train going around the arena!   It appears as if he is struggling to breathe and his neck veins stick out and he sweats a lot.    

I have been giving him AllerCheck the whole time but this doesn't seem to be getting any better.  
Any suggestions?  
Lyn S.
Brookside Equestrian Center

Hi Lyn, sorry we missed!

I would add the Joint Check at two scoops daily for at least two months to see if it helps. The ingredients often help lungs And the Health Check ingredients included in the Joint Check may help detox past meds etc. from system.

Thanks for asking and hope to see you next time!