Judy asks about build up of gunk on horse's back leg…

Hi Dr. Dan, I have a draft cross that everyday has a buildup of black gunk on his back legs. The vet said it is a overproduction of something in his skin, and she had a big long word for it, and I should just curry it off. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? I also just started taking  REDOXX, and I love it! I have more energy and more focus, and feel better.  

Thanks, Judy C.

Do you remember what she called it Judy? Was it scratches?
Regardless, if you would listen to the the audio on "thrush white line and other ichy stuff" in the library section of our website that would be a good start as to such issues. Also there is an article on icky skin there too.  All applies for sure!

Topically our Grape Balm Herbal ointment… but the key is to help the body "discharge" whatever and not put more back in. Such "discharge" of the "junk" that comes from hydrogenated fats, chemicals etc. check out the www.whattofeedyourhorse.com for the ideal feeding program I suggest as well.

REDOXX is a product that not one person should be without… just giving your body what it needs can produce amazing benefits!

Thanks Judy!