answering Sally and her Lymes Disease concerns…

Hi. I live in northern Vermont. My two horses are here for 9 months but for 3 months I take them to North Carolina (Feb-April) to train. I of course have concerns about Lyme's disease. Are there any of your products that you recommend that might help? I use Bug Check every year from May 1-end of September. Is that in any way a deterrent to the ticks?

Thank you. Sally S.

[With our BUG CHECK] we have great success with ticks. I would just give whatever amount it takes daily to keep them off. Even 3 or 4 scoops is only healthy should your situation need such of course nothing is 100 percent though. (With all the great ingredinets]  I would suggest year-round use as it is tremendous health support in general.

Thanks For Asking!