Kris with RED CAL, prednisolodone, molasses questions and more…

I am trying to figure out is if the caretakers of myhorse, 2000 miles away, are administering the correct amount of RED CAL. They are using that same 47cc scoop (in JAO) for both the Red Cal and the Just Add Oats. Kris

Red Cal has no scoop… It is to be fed Free Choice at all times as the bag says. You can put a tablespoon (30 cc so about 2/3 of the 47 cc
scoop) onto the feed daily but it still should be fed "free choice".

I've been on your various sites most of the day. Trying to get a handle on all of this. I thought I had the situation handled until I went out to California and they were feeding your supplements onto their sweet feed!

RED CAL bagSo if they are using the 47cc scoop for the JAO, then that's not enough? And they have been giving too much Red Cal? I know it's best free choice, but my gelding is in a large herd situation with also about 20 cows. I'm not interested in supplying Red Cal to 40 animals. The gelding is a Friesian weighing about 1300-1400 lbs. If you can let me know the correct dosage, I can try and find appropriate scoops to give to them.

Does the molasses make the allergies worse? I think when I talked to you a couple years ago you said that it did. In what way?

If they can't get  good results from the protocol, is it OK then to give the prednisolodone?

I assume I should also think about (your) AllerCheck and BugCheck?

Thanks again,


(At least) Our supplements on any feed is better than not at all!

I would never give prednisolodone personally.

47 cc IS the correct amount daily for Just Add Oats. 2/3 of a scoop for the Red Cal but the 47 cc is fine too..if they are getting to much Red Cal  they just will stop eating it (until needed again)

Molasses causes a sugar spike. This causes insulin release which causes insulin resistance over time. When there are sugar spikes there are later sugar lows. Sugar lows cause cortisol release (same effect as prednisolodone essentially) which destroys adrenal glands and more over time which leads to thyroid, weight gain and inability to handle stress (and more prone to laminitis etc.)

Thanks for asking Kris. Hope this helps. Keep me posted.