Rose asks about juvenile arthritis with her TWH

My soon to be 9 year old TWH has been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis of both stifles. Ten being the worst he is a three. He had been slightly lame since July where he would dip in the hip every step or several steps, like when you get crazy knee but you keep walking.

Will he always have this? What would you treat with?

Suggested joint supplements were GLC 5500 and Cetyl M and some shots are on the way from the vet.

Before you give  anything I would highly suggest you consider our Joint Check supplement for the joint support. I would be sure to give the loading amount and maybe continue even for some time at that level. Any amount is only healthy. There are many reasons I would suggest this over other products but rather not get into discussing specifics of other products. The antioxidant part of the Joint Check which is essentially our Health  Check supplement (like 2 products in one) is an important part however to say the least. Most products have typical glucosamine, some even chrondroitin, vit c, manganese, msm  etc. but none that I know of has all the ingredients in the "Health Check part".

I would also suggest getting him off commercial feed and following the suggestions to the 'T" at

Thank for asking- keep me posted.