answering Cornelia's question about Pemphigus

Hello – my dog was recently diagnosed with Pemphigus.  I understand the treatment is long term steroid use with lots of side effects.  Is there another option I can look into?  Thanks so much for your help!


In my opinion such issues deal with the body trying to "discharge" junk for lack of a better word. Such junk can come from commercial feed, vaccinations, parasiticides etc etc. So…that being said the key is to HELP the body get rid of such and not put more back in while still supporting the immune system.

You might consider our Health Check supplement for pets to help the liver support the detox. Also our Aller Check for immune support and finally an all natural pet food. I prefer a brand called Innova. I would also consider our Omega Coat check for pets to help support cellular membranes (fatty acids etc) where exchange of nutrients and waste etc really occurs

Thanks for asking Cornelia!