Answering Lois and her question about feline hyperthyroidism…

Hii – I use your equine products and LOVE them!

I was wondering if you had anything to help support my two cats who both are iin the beginning stages of hyperthyroidism. My younger cat is not showing any clinical signs yet other than the enlarged nodule, but my 16 yr old is starting to lose weight and I don't want to put her on pharmaceuticals  – can you help?  
— Lois B.

PS – met you at the Equine Affaire in Springfield  – absolutely great products!!

Thanks so much for asking!

My personal feeling on hyperthyroidism in cats is that it is environmental. Used to be (way back when I was in Vet School) that it was just a problem with cats in the big cities. Specifically NY, LA and Boston. Of course now it is everywhere. With this in mind, I would focus to support detoxing of the liver and the body in general. In other words help get rid of the "junk" and not put more back in.

"Product wise", I would suggest our REDOXX (a people product) at 1 capsule daily (break open onto the feed) for an average size cat. I would start with 2 capsules daily for the first 2 weeks. I would also consider our pet products… Omega Coat Check oil for the rich source of fatty acids and our Health Check supplement for pets also. 

Finally, I would be very careful about food, future vaccinations, medicines etc. The food I prefer for pets presently is INNOVA.
Specifically for the problem I don't have the answer but generally speaking the above may help if anything will nutritionally. I have had several to benefit over the past decade.  Again thanks for asking and for the kind words about our equine products!

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