answering Ellen with some product questions…

Hi Dr. Moore,

Doc Wessner in Florida has suggested your products, as well as the Natural Horse Network.

Here's my question:

When you recommend the Red Cal, a free choice system, and then recommend your vitamin supplement, are we giving too many ingredients to our horses? The iron, magnesium, etc, seems like those should only be free choice. And what about mineral oil? I've heard you should not feed that.

I'm happy you do not have any soy in your products, or ground flax. I ground my own flax, so that feels safe.

Thanks a bunch!
Ellen K.

The Just Add Oats supplement is what man knows we need to balance oats. Red Cal is "Mother Natures" product providing pristine salt from ancient sea beds and essentially every mineral know to man AND probably micronutrients not even yet discovered.  The organic material from what was once the sea also very likely makes all more bioavailable. As for flax I really dislike it in any form, fresh ground or not (see the article, "Why Not To Feed Flax" in the library section of our website as to why). By the way soy bean oil (not soy beans or soy) are wonderful for horses. Big difference especially if the soy beans from which the oil comes are GMO free! It is a much better balance omega fatty acid source than anything. GMO-Free  is what is in our Weight Check oil product which is highly suggested along with the Just Add Oats and Red Cal. As for the mineral oil. …there is only a tiny amount, in fact so little we don't even have to put it on the label but I disclose all regardless. There is about a gallon per ton to control the dust..that is all.

I appreciate those that told you about our products and thanks so much for asking Ellen. Hope the info helps!