FDA & Acetaminophen, your Liver and our REDOXX…

Making the news during this past week was the decision by the FDA to reduce the dosage of "prescribed" pain pills that contain the ingredient Acetaminophen and for them to have no more than 325MG of the ingredient. Oddly, the amount you'll be able to get over-the-counter via many brands remains at 500MG, at least for now.
 The FDA stated that “Overdose from prescription combination products containing acetaminophen account for nearly half of all cases of acetaminophen-related liver failure in the United States, many of which result in liver transplant or death.”
 So by having reduced the amount available in a pill, they are trying to reduce the potential for overdosing- again this is just with the prescriptions containing said ingredient. I'm not sure this will help as it still doesn't address the problem completely.
The damage to the liver is thought to be a result of the depletion of the antioxidant called glutathione that is caused by acetaminophen. You should know that antioxidants help fight toxins/free radicals and this fighting is a job performed by your liver… as I often say the liver is the oil filter to your body's engine!
 N-acetyl L-ysteine helps the body replenish glutathione and is actually given to patients that have overdosed on acetaminophen. Maybe a better solution would be to include N-acetyl L-ysteine in those types of products? Nah, that would make too much sense.
 But here is something that should be great news to you…
 N-acetyl L-ysteine is just one of the great ingredients in our REDOXX product that I have long been telling you is much more than just a total antioxidant.
 I'll say that again… REDOXX is much much more than just a "total" antioxidant. It was our first "people" product and while all of our products were developed with a plan… REDOXX is the one I would NOT be without if I had to choose! When you use the links provided below you'll see just how amazing this product is.
 "The Liver" for whatever reason, is just not one of the organs that gets the "love" and attention in the mainstream of day to day living (until it's too late)…. I suppose just the sound of "liver" is not as glamorous as the 'heart", but like I alluded to above… it is like the oil filter in your car… it keeps everything clean so that all the other parts (other organs, hello!) running as they should. Of course you need to help it with a good diet (i.e. good gas and good oil), but please, please please, don't forget the liver and don't forget our REDOXX product…

If you are new and not familiar with our REDOXX product, it's time you discover our REDOXX product and our other people products. (links below)
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 First, if you haven't fully listened to two major parts of the CD we produced that pertains to Uncivilized Health and the REDOXX product itself, I encourage you to do so. If you have already, it may even be a good idea to revisit that CD. They're not long lengthy discussions and the knowledge you gain will be beneficial and worthwhile. You'll find them at the REDOXX link for more information below.
 Let me also say this- you know it just wouldn't be right for me to basically throw out there to you "Me-too" products and I haven't done this. Our products cannot be found at WalMart or anywhere else! I have consistently and constantly pushed the envelope to provide the best.
 Our health… your health… is just too important to accept the status quo and not move ahead!

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 Whether you're "in the saddle" or "out of the saddle" it's time to be proactive with your health!
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 Dr. Dan Moore, DVM


Our #1 product…

Our revolutionary REDOXX™, is going to help support healthy liver functions and give your body nutrition that it simply can't get from anywhere else

REDOXX™ features the prized ingredient: CALCIUM MONTMORILLONITE CLAY- a powerful detoxify agent with a rich source of minerals and other trace elements.

Often referred to as "living clay" because it consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Benefits of calcium montmorillonite minerals have been documented in research conducted by many scientists and leading universities. With this and REDOXX's antioxidant properties working synergistically with other important ingredients, you have a product that in the words of Dr. Dan, "no one should be without".

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  vita-veg essentials

High-Potency Vitamin, Mineral and Super Food Concentrate

It's easy to agree on the fact that even if we did eat as we should, today's food simply lack the nutrients needed to help our bodies thrive in day-to-day living.

In fact, as reported in the Senate in 1936, our soils have become depleted and are deficient of nutrients.

With over 50 ingredients, this formula is designed to help fill the void left in today's diets and busy lifestyle by providing essential vitamins and minerals along with a combination of green vegetables (including chlorophyll) , enzymes & antioxidants. 

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A formulation rich in essential fatty acids, rich in digestive enzymes and rich in powerful antioxidants.

Fatty acids provide a myriad of benefits including promoting mental function and nerve cell health.

The digestive enzyme blend help to break down the foods we eat into needed basic building blocks.

Along with the fruits and antioxidant blend this product is a great addition to any daily regimen.

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  comfort CAPS

One of the reasons we're so excited about the "comfort CAPS" formula is the powerful all-natural anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients. Most notably- Frankincense.

During the most ancient of times, Frankincense
was considered more valuable than gold and
now it comes to you in a capsule combined with
ingredients such as Acai, Dark Cherries, Cocoa and
Cinnamon to create an advanced formulation unlike
anything else for overall comfort and wellness.

Major magazines such as TIME and Newsweek have recently reported that “Researchers are linking inflammation to an ever-wider array of chronic illnesses” and comfort CAPS is a great product for support in this battle. Use in combination with any of our products or use as part of the "Lose Weight-Feel Great" system. 

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  cafe CAPS

Ephedra is out, Cha' de Bugre is in!

Direct from brazil, Cha’ de Bugre is commonly called café do mato (coffee of the woods) because it produces a red fruit resembling a coffee bean. It is a natural herb which historically has been used as a heart tonic, energizer and appetite suppressant as well as for reducing fat deposits & cellulite.

Cha' de Bugre, along with another herb also from Brazil, Yerba Mate are stimulating and healthful alternatives to a cup of “joe” and is often found being served along the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

cafe CAPS features a combination of these powerful Amazon herbs along with 15 beneficial minerals and herbs. Use in combination with any of our products or use as part of the "Lose Weight-Feel Great" system. 

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It's A Classic!
All Day Energy!

This proven advanced formulation features 13 whole herbs and Chromium Picolinate synergistically blended and delivered in a capsule form.

Originally formulated as just a weight control product, this formula has been known to energize, reduce fat, build muscle mass, help with blood sugar, help with bad cholesterol and help with variety of other ailments.

This formula has proved to be quite amazing with it's ability to provide your body what it needs to thrive throughout the day in various environments and conditions. Try it and we think you'll come to agree agree.

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2 Great Products in One!

This product is an advanced synergistic formulation featuring 13 whole herbs, Vitamin C and Chromium Picolinate along with the addition of Glucosamine HCL 99, Chondroitin Sulfate and Bromelain.

This helps to provide powerful support for joint/muscle pain and inflammation in addition to weight control support and other possible benefits such as energy, fat reduction, building of muscle mass, help with blood sugar levels, helping with bad cholesterol and helping with a variety of other ailments.
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  CLEANSE Factor

A safe and potent formulation that helps to promote colon cleansing, regularity and assisting the body's internal cleansing process while helping to nourish the body.

It features both Aloe and Oat Fiber along with magnesium and other beneficial ingredients that work together synergistically to help rid the bowel system of the buildup of impurities that can contribute to creating an imbalance in the body's harmony.

Designed to be a simple one-a-day solution for helping to keep your body balanced.
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Each GREAT SHAKES™ jar contains 32 servings that are:

Rich with 24 grams of whey protein,
Full of antioxidants, not preservatives.
Full of amino acids, not carbohydrates.
Full of healthy nutrients,
not harmful by-products!
NO Sugar.

Whey protein is considered to be a more beneficial type of protein supplement when compared to other types. Studies have shown that whey protein contain the right combination of amino acids at the right concentration for optimal performance.

Check out our formulas with Lo-Han sweetener and the added benefits of "C-Thin"!

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