GUT CHECK Time- Who wins the football game between Auburn and Oregon?

Dr Dan,

Who do you think will win the tonight's football game between Auburn and Oregon for the BCS Championship?


A. Fan

If you've read some of my information online or listened to some audios you may know that I am a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine . So tonight not only is it "War Eagle" time but it is "GUT CHECK" time for sure!

The dictionary defines "gut check" as a test of one's nerve, courage, or determination, but when it comes to the health of your horse- specifically the health of your horses' stomach and intestinal system, Gut Check means a product that is not just a probiotic, but a health-biotic!

A healthy gut is a healthy horse! From weight issues to bowel problems, our Gut Check with active enzymes and direct-fed microbials supports a healthy stomach and intestinal system.

You can read where I've suggested GUT CHECK time to others here on the this blog at:

Thousands are fans of GUT CHECK and you should be too- even in Oregon!


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Thanks for asking! 🙂


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