Eileneen's update on jack russell terrier with allergies and arthritis pain and her horse…

Dr. Dan,
I wanted to update you on my jack russell terrier with allergies and arthritis pain.  He is doing so much better!  His skin is clearing up with some continuing (but shrinking) skin lesions that I am continuing to treat with Marigold product.  The Comfort Caps have helped tremendously!  While he has some stiffness when first getting up sometimes, he seems much more comfortable than during previous winters when he was on various pain meds.
Also, my horse with Cushings and a history of liquid stool discharge during the winter is doing much better.  He has been on your feeding program for quite some some, and recently you had suggested Gut Check and Aller Check to help with the liquid stool.  It has been nearly a week since he has had NO liquid stool and his stool is improving in consistency as well.  He used to just have stool leaking nearly all the time throughout the winter, and his back legs are now dry!  It was so bad that I used to have to lend my farrier an old jacket of mine when she trimmed him because he would be so wet down his back legs and tail!
Thanks Again!!!



Hi Dr. Dan,  I have a 23 year old TWH gelding who has Cushings, and also develops diarrhea beginning in fall and through the winter for the past couple of years. It presents as liquid stool that accompanies gas, though his stool is also frequently not well formed.  He remains wet all down his back legs.  Last year it was better as my vet suggested starting in the fall with Succeed and Fasttrack which are digestive enzymes.  With us heading into fall, would you recommend I forgo this procedure and instead use your Gut Check (and possible Critical Care)?  He is now on your feed program-oats, weight check oil, just add oats, and red cal hi-mag.  

Thanks, Eileen

Definitely add the Gut Check. If he has a cresty neck then the Critical Care supplement. Be sure he has access to Red Cal "free-choice" all the time too. Unless he has the cresty neck, I would just use the regular version of Red Cal instead of the Hi-Mag version.

Thanks for asking Eileen