Shari asks about her horse that won't eat hay

I have an older horse that won't eat hay.  I had his teeth floated in late August but still can't eat hay.  He chews on it then spits it out.  

Can I take a bale of hay and chop it up a little.  I know it can't be silage he does eat alfalfa cubes just fine.  I have been feeding him senior feed twice a day and alfalfa pellets 3 times a day.  I live in PA and snow is on the ground so he isn't getting any grass.  

Is this enough feeding for him to get him through the winter?

It may be but every horses metabolism is different. I would highly suggest getting him some fat. Our Weight Check Oil is ideal and a great source of fatty acids too. Some oats (if the teeth are really really bad- just add a little water to them to soften them) …oats are awesome, I suggest Oats for every horse instead of senior feed etc which is so full of very bad processed fats etc. See

I highly suggest our Red Cal free choice at all he can eat and also consider the Joint check for his age etc.  Thanks for asking!