Mary Ann asks about bladder stones from feeding alfalfa…

Dr. Dan,  

My Vet has just gotten blood and urine results back from my gelding Jeb and said he cannot tolerate alfalfa now.  I feed "Just Add Oats", grass hay and 1 flake of alfalfa a day.  He tries to urinate about 6 times on a trail ride, (in about 2 hours), so I knew there was a problem.  She suggested "All Phase" by Pennefield daily now, but I would like to know what you would suggest.

I have used Red Cal too (in past) but didn't know he had a problem then.

Mary Ann P.

I would suggest our entire feeding program with the grass hay. Although …..we have thousands and thousands on alfalfa too with no issues.

Just follow the program to the "T" ( That's Oats, Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil and free-choice Red Cal at all times (it will most likely help him drink more and balance the calcium and other minerals, perhaps even those not yet discovered as it is truly "Mothers Natures minerals not mine and whatever u choose on the hay. No other supplements unless our others if needed, possibly our Joint Check etc. (All ours are balanced for the above so any can only help).

Thanks for asking!