answering Nancy with "what to feed my horse questions"…

I would like your opinion of the incorporation of Just Add Oats to my *feeding program" below in conjunction with quality grass hay:

1/2 lb alfalfa cubes  1/4 lb beet pulp  1/4 lb whole oats  1/8 lb black oil sunflower seeds 1/8 lb freshly ground flax seed 1T natural sea salt 1/4 c apple cider vinegar dried organic 7 herb mix for winter feeding of horses. (fed wet)

Nancy A.

Just Add Oats would be a great addition. BUT I do have several major suggestions otherwise:

Personally, I wouldn't feed beet pulp however due to the fact that it literally just "sucks the nutrition out" as it passes through and is only fiber anyway so hay is cheaper. Also wouldn't feed sunflower seeds…our Weight Check Oil is a much more balanced source of omega fatty acids. It is full of natural vit E, plant sterols, unsaponifiables etc. etc. Just much much better overall. I wouldn't give flax to a guinea pig.. see the article as to why not in the library section. Of all sources of fat it is the most likely to go rancid PLUS MANY other reasons mentioned in this article. (library section).. AND with the Weight Check oil it just wouldn't be needed anyway.

Our Red Cal is a far better source of salt plus (provides) more. It is from an ancient sea bed not the current ocean which has so much potential to be contaminated with mercury and more. Also any source of salt must be fed FREE CHOICE (see the article on salt and minerals page 21 of the magazine). With the free choice RED Cal they will drink more water so a winter mix isn't needed AND it has other herbs in it anyway (grape seed etc.) Sorry to be so blunt about all this.. But You will be much happier with a better program. Thousands are and have been.

PLEASE go to where it is all outlined. Also enjoy the many articles etc. at as well as previous questions answer and success stories at  Again thanks and hope I didn't "bust your bubble". It sounds like you are a VERY conscientious horse person. Thank you for the opportunity to help. Thanks for asking!


Dr Dan