Mitzi asks about omega 3 & 6 (ratios etc.) and sweet itch…

Dr. Dan, I am very confused about the proper equine ratio of omega 3 and 6. I have heard various stories from 2:1 to 6:1 6 to 3 ratio. I have also heard the opposite from a linseed oil website stating 3 should be higher than 6. Can you please explain and clarify how this relates to your soy oil 3/6 ratio?

Also, my horse has sweet itch, do you have any suggestions for relief from these black flies/midges/ gnats, whatever you want to call them.

Thanks, Mitzi N.

Thanks for asking!

On our website there are many articles on allergies, and even videos and audios. They are in the library at Bottom line I would suggest getting this horse on our feeding program at and following it to the "T".  Sweet itch, allergies etc all start in the gut.  Commercial feeds are terrible and the root of the cause.  The bugs just "trigger" it.  In addition to the feeding program I suggest for additional support and to get rid of the "junk" from commercial feed our Health Check and our Bug Check (for the bugs).

As for the required ratio…no one knows for certainty the ratio. The truth is they need all omegas and our Weight check oil not only has them but all the plant sterols, natural vit E, unsaponifiables etc. It is also "GMO-Free". I also have an article posted online as to why I don't suggest flax.

The real issue with fats in my opinion, is the hydrogenated processed fats in these commercial feeds. (See the article on fats too) Getting rid of these processed fats (with Health check antioxidant formula) and not putting more back in (the feeding program instead) goes a long way towards helping. Of course our Aller Check helps support the immune system in the meantime.

Check our and search for sweet itch and allergies. As you will see there the above has helped many with such. Can't say for sure it will help yours but it has many others as you will see there. Thanks again for asking. Enjoy the articles.