Genis asks about ostertagiosis parasites in dogs?

Have you ever heard of ostertagiosis parasites in dogs?

I feed my dogs a raw diet and today had their fecal checked and found this cow parasite eggs.

Guess they got it from eating raw beef? Maybe I should be cooking the meat?


I doubt if it came from the raw meat. Unless I am mistaken (as parasitology was decades ago) it would come from the fecal material (ie. manure) of the cattle or contaminated grass. I think the larval stage has to develop in the manure and grass before it can be infective. I would really like to know how they identify this species anyway as it looks almost like typical hook worms and strongyles in horses. Probably would take a real "expert" to differentiate. (just a thought). I don't think eggs would even develop in a dog. I suspect it is more species specific than that. What I mean is that eggs just shouldn't be in dogs UNLESS it just passed through the digestive tract???The eggs come AFTER development in the host species (cattle)

Good food for thought and for researching more into this. I did try to find what the eggs or larvae looked like in a smear but couldn't find anything. I did view the samples so hopefully will have some recall if I could find photos of what they look like. The suggestion was to deworm with panacur – but would rather have a more definitive diagnosis (rather than "it looks like what I see in cattle and sheep"), before putting drugs into their system


I would just start with a google image search of the name. I suspect you will find the images. Many use our Worm Check (our natural horse paste) for their dogs …about 1 inch per 50 lbs. Can't say for sure it will take care of this but is what I would do.


Thanks for asking!