Diane asks about older horse needing to put weight on…

Hi Dr. Dan,

I have a 25yr old mare that in the winter loses weight(we live in MN) We've noticed lately that her hind end is really getting thin and I was wondering what you recommend for her routine.  We give her rolled oats morning and night. She eats hay too.  Please advise so I can order soon. We haven't even had the coldest part of winter yet.  

Thanks, Diane

Hello Diane,

Oats are not enough nor is hay. To those oats I would add our Just Add Oats supplement and our Weight Check Oil (start at 2 oz per day but increase up to 8 oz depending on how she does). Whatever amount of oats now giving I would slowly double. I would also give our Red Cal free choice. This is all explained at www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com too by the way.

As added support you could add our Gut Check supplement to help them get more "goodie" out of what they do eat.  

Thanks for asking!