Monica asks about our Weight Check Oil (soybean oil, gmo-free)

Hi Dr. Dan. 

Please forgive me for carrying on about this "soy" issue, however, in doing more research, there seems to be SO much controversy on this subject (I happen to use the Weight Check, recommend it to all of my clients with pets and love the results.) 

I do realize that there are nutritional differences between humans and animals, however, I do have several more questions in hope for me to become clearer on this subject and to help me explain it more clearly to my clients . . .
1. One article stated that soy products come in fermented and unfermented.  Fermented is the more beneficial, where unfermented is where the health problems arise, i.e. thyroid disorder (cushings??,) kidney stones, allergies, digestion intolerance's to name a few (this happens to be written by Dr. Mercola).

2. How is soybean oil produced and does it fall into either of these categories?

3. What is the difference from the Weight Check for equines verses the Omega Oil for dogs and cats?  Since I buy the larger quanty of W.C., is it ok to give to my dogs and cats?

4. On a human level, and as a 51 year old, I consume some soy products, i.e. soymilk, tempeh, am I at risk with the claimed health issues?
Ugh! this is very confusing to me, so thanks for your patience in clearing up this dilemma.

No problem:
First.. Thjs is NOT SOY  This IS soybean oil in our Weight Check Oil… fermentation has nothing to do with the oil.  When articles refer to soy they are referring to "PROTEIN" or milk type products from soybeans.. WEIGHT CHECK is fatty acids..not protein related. Our oil is crude, unrefined meaning that the only processing is squeezing the oil out of the bean… cold pressed, no chemicals whatsoever, no hydrogenation, no trans fats etc. etc.. As for thyroid issues ..I use it (always) as part of the  treatment for thyroid issues allergies etc. 
 Weight Check Oil
It is OK to give the Weight Check Oil to pets.
I don't use soy milk mostly because I don't like it. We use organic cows and goats milk. Almost all soybeans, in fact, are genetically modified today which is another big reason I don't use soy milk. Of course, as I've mentioned before,  it took me three years to find the source of our soybeans for our Weight Check Oil which are FREE of genetic modification. I even have someone going to the fields to verify the seeds when planted.
Thanks as always for asking and hope this helps.
Thanks for your support!
Dr Dan