Patricia asks about her mare with thyroid issues…

My mare is boarded at a facility on pasture 24/7. You recommend "Feed for Success" program plus Critical Care Overweight Formula.

Will this "fix" her thyroid problem?

The facility does not feed any grain, just pasture and hay. I would have to feed her myself every day. She is with six other horses.

Aren't oats high in carbohydrates?    

Thank you,
Patricia F.

There are no guarantees in health but my suggestion has greatly supported many.  

The problem with replacement thyroid hormones used typically is that they shut the thyroid down permanently.

My approach is to provide nutrients to support the thyroid. I also stop putting more "junk" back in. (Commercial feed, other chemicals, vaccines etc). The oats are really only to get the supplements down so you only need a little if not currently getting other grain. (They do have less carbs than any other grain however despite what you might hear from elsewhere).

They for sure they can't get what they need from just pasture or hay and often get too much of what they don't need (fertilizer which is really only nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus anyway) and the soil itself has been has been deficient itself for years and years.

So.. All that being said they must be supplemented so that the body can take care of itself given the right nutrients. That is what our program does. It truly doesn't "fix" anything but in almost all cases they have got better.  

If you have not done so yet, Please go to for an audio and a summary of the feeding program.

Thanks For Asking!