Gene with questions about our RED CAL product and Worm Check…

H Dr. Dani,  I have two questions:  

1. How often do you recommend using your Worm Check product?  

2. My horse has an aversion to garlic and therefore won't take Red Cal — do you have any recommendations on how to get him to accept it, or is there a garlic-free alternative to Red Cal?  

Thanks!  Gene

Garlic should not be a factor for RED CAL at all.  There are ONLY 2 reasons they won't eat it. one.. . 1) they are getting too much salt from somewhere else (remove blocks etc.) or 2) they are getting too much potassium from somewhere- which can be deadly. (see the article called Perfect Pastures and the one on Salt and Minerals as well)

Bottom line is, that if they do not eat free choice then add it to the food. Start with just a pinch to get them used to the smell and work your way up to 2 oz daily (tablespoon daily)
As for the Worm Check please go to  for more info, but it is never suggested on a calender basis- only on a per need basis based on fecal exams. 
Thanks for asking!!
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