Melodie shares her Marigold Pocket Healer story for "Gypsy"…


I hope it has been a great  Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you to all of you that passed along Thanksgiving wishes to me and my family.

The greatest joys sometimes come from the littlest things…

I guess it's always been human nature to forget about the little things that bring you or someone joy. There's plenty of stories, quotes and songs that have been shared through the years to remind us not to forget the "little things".

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.
~~~ Estonian Proverb

I appreciate our customers and I get great joy from those that purchase and use our products that are compelled to share a story about just what our products are worth to them. I know what they sell for, I know what they cost to produce but the testimonials and the loyalty of our customers are a true measure of their worth.

The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.
~~~Thomas Jefferson

Below is the text of an email from one of our loyal customers that not only wanted to share with me but also wanted me to be sure to share with others.

Marigold Healer

And the thing is, it's about one of our "little" products that goes unnoticed and oftentimes unordered- while it would be so easy and economical just to add on so that you too will have within easy for those special times you'll need it.

This little product is our Marigold Pocket Healer or Tub and here is one person's special story.


Hi Dr Dan,
Sorry to disturb your holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.
Gypsy has had an on an off eye infection. Some time ago I did call a vet afraid to mess with it, after three weeks of her meds not working I tried pocket healer, in one use, just one, the infection backed off. Today her eye was watering like the onset of an infection, my trainer accidently put the wrong med in her eye… grape balm healer in the black jar, this was 7 hours ago, it was not completely clean either. She is still only two and there is no real way for a flush.
What should I expect and… can I go ahead now and immediately put pocket healer in it, or is there something that would conflict?
 Thank you so much for your time and caring,


Marigold healer

You did what I would have done…..
 Marigold Pocket Healer!
 Truth is I don't know what grape balm will do… Maybe nothing and may even help… but it definitely burns fresh wounds (yet heals great).  Please keep me informed.
 Personally I would continue marigold several times daily.


 Thank you so much for your getting right back to me. I did go out and use the pocket healer.
 The first time I talked with you about this you did tell me that I could use the pocket healer, because I asked you about it, you told me though that with the eye, you would not mess with it.
 That other vet was a huge mistake on my part for a number of reasons. I want you to know to use as a reference to others, that she gave me two different conventional medicines. It took more than a week for the infection to start to back off, but if I started to back down on the meds it would be completely back within 24 hours. Her second try was better… but never could get Gypsy's eye to stay not infected for even three days.
 I decided to go with my real belief and faith in the natural as you had told me it (Marigold Healer) could go in the eye. Within one use, and I waited to see what the response would be, the infection just started staying gone.
 After a few times the infection just stayed gone for months. Unbelievable difference, like night and day, no success to complete success.
 I think she has an allergy from the hay because it snowed and I have fed straight hay and it started back up. I would love it and it would help many who may be skeptical, if you use this message, or another I would be happy to write, as a reference.
 Thank you again,