Just another enjoyable saturday "conversation" on facebook…

It is great being able to interact with people on Facebook, sometimes for fun and often times to answer questions and answers that are presented to me- sometimes directly and sometimes on the "wall".

I appreciate that almost 3300 folks call me "friend" on Facebook and appreciate that they ask the questions they asked so that I can share with others.

Below is a recent "conversation" that was a lot of fun and I wanted to share with you. Lots of good stuff that you or someone you know can possibly use….

Do you have any pointers on white line disease, and the best cure? and as far as prevention for other horses is pine tar a good preventative?


I never use pine tar. Most have other ingredients like acetone, formaldehyde etc. Our Grape Balm Hoof Healer and Hoof Check Conditioners of course Do Not! The overall key is nutrition for immune support "from the inside out".

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Thanks, i just got this little mustang with Line Disease, and was curious how you can minimize/treat fungi and bacteria and a damp pasture? Can you spread lime as a small help? i wont use pine tar, some one just suggested it and i did not know much about it. What vitamins are they lacking when hoof problems occur? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.

It is not so much vitamins for thrush, white line etc but rather more of an immune deficient condition and "discharge" issue. Of course vitamins, minerals etc. do help.

Our Hoof Check supplement has the specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even enzymes for hoof growth, strength, structure etc. . Our Aller Check is tremendous immune support and our Health Check supplement helps get rid of the "junk" often trying to be "discharged" from the body through the feet "white line Thrush etc"

Any or all of these can be added to our feeding program for additional support.

Of course the ultimate nutrition provided by the "Feed For Success" program is the basis of health overall.

See: http://www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com/

With this program the additional support items above generally aren't needed long term but they do help get "over the hump" so to speak.

Thank you so much, this same horse, actually had a swollen penis, and had to have his sheath surgically tied shut about 8 months ago for it to heal, and unsweal,and blood could flow again so i think you are right about the immune deficiency 🙁 Thank You so much 🙂

Are there tests that can be done for that? auto immune deficiency? Thanks Again 🙂

Auto immune is NOTHING like immune deficiency. Auto immune issues are where one almost becomes "allergic" to ones self…it is essentially an extremely over active often life threatening issue. Immune deficiency is more chronic (slower) and can lead to any number of illnesses. Just want to be sure that is clear. Auto immune is generally "triggered" by something such as drugs, medication vaccines etc. By the time one is needing to "test" generally a serious issue would be present. General blood work up is where one starts for such. Hope this helps.