answering Nancy with questions for her 11 year old fresian/mustang mare…

Hello Dr. Dan,

 I have a 11 year old fresian/mustang mare that has allergies demonstrated by generalized itchy skin. She also has stiff muscles, especially in the hind end, on a daily basis.

Needless to say, she seems uncomfortable, and is irritable a great part of the time. She is ridden lightly 4-5- days a week and has a large (1/2) acre) paddock to roam in.  

She has been worked up for EMS and PSSM. (Both negative).  She is fed mainly burmuda and 1 flake of orchard daily.  I have given her "Safe Choice" as a supplement, 1 quart daily.I have also given her Coco Soya oil when I remember.  She has both a plain salt block and a mineral block in her stall, neither one she will touch.  

What supplements would you recommend for her?
Also, she is on atarax 500 mg twice daily for her itching with partial relief.

Nancy H.

Nancy I would stop the atarax. Throw away the blocks. Get rid of the commercial feed all together and follow the advise at to the "T".

For added support I would add the Joint Check sure. U my not even need the Aller Check but wouldn't hesitate to add if the itching isn't greatly improved in a few months.

There is an article on allergies and a video in the library section of our website— just go to Expect improvement overall. Nothing is 100 percent but If anything will help nutritionally the above will and has for hundreds and hundreds.  

Thanks for asking!