Paula with cribbing/wind sucking question…

Hi I have just been told about your website and had a question about my horse who is a cribber/wind sucker.

I am familiar with the use of herbs and minerals to get horses healthier but have not had much luck with stopping my mares cribbing. Have been able to reduce it for short periods of time with silver lining herbs.   My mare "Dot" is 11 years old, a thoroughbred who has never been raced. Was un-broke when we got her at the age of 5. Grew up on a 150 acre pasture in Panguitch, Utah. Currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ. Has problems with bloating when not exercised regularly and wind sucks. She loves water, will nicker for water at competitions and drinks very well while traveling. Always looking for something to eat. Does well when on free choice grass round bale. Currently eating 2/3 alfalfa, 1/3 bermuda grass. Other than that she is healthy, fit, her hair coat is shiny, joints, tendons, feet are healthy and strong.  

She performs well, has a lot of try and will do anything you ask of her. Has won two world titles in mounted shooting.   She just looks a bit uncomfortable or always looking for something. Would like to know how to help her be more content when not working. She is most content when being ridden.   I would greatly appreciate any advice or help you could give me to help this awesome horse. Thank you for your time.

Paula B.

I have helped many with our products… not all, but many. Sounds like nutritionally, an "over haul" would be helpful, though given the bloating etc. my advise is to follow the feeding advise at to the "T"  

I would also put the horse on our Bug Check product for added support. Don't let the name fool you. The ingredients are multifunctional and have helped many issues including cribbing.

Thanks for asking.
Please let me know your results.