Kris asks about his "itchy horse"

My horse is itchy all year long – especially scratching his face area, neck and legs.  This year I find it to be worse.  His diet consists of Nutrena Triumph; liquid vit. E, hoof biotin, a probiotic, Choice Red Cal Salt and 2 tbsp. iodized salt.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  

Thank you.  


No problem glad to help…

First stop the iodized salt. They don't need it with Red Cal! ALso go to and follow the "Feed For Success" program to the "T". (Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil and the Red Cal…stop the commercial feed and the other supplements)

Add for immune support  the Aller Check and to help get the "junk" accumulated over the years out of the system add the Health Check supplement.

I would extremely surprised if this didn't at least GREATLY help.

Thanks for asking!