Sonya with questions to get her horse back "on track" naturally…

Dr. Dan: 

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  Was busy yesterday building my barn.  I have a 20yr. old x-race horse that can down with EPM about 4 years ago.  I believe that it was prompted by an allergic reaction to a horse treat that someone gave him and he went into annafalaxis.  He had to be given steroids in order to save his life.  I am sure this didn't help either.  He was always prone at certain times of the year to break out in hives.  I DO NOT vaccinate him.  I started out with half the dosage of Marquis.  I ended up not giving it all to him because I believe it was killing him. 

He fully recovered with a lot of research on my part for natural supplements.  Natural Vit. E, Ionic silver, change of diet to more fat, and an immune booster called transfer factor.  He was fine for 2 years and relapsed a 2 years ago.  I did everything natural this time but he is only 90% well.  Affected lameness in hind end.  I am very careful what I feed him because of his touchy immune system. 

Have you ever had a horse have an allergic reaction to the grape seed oil?  He is currently on 6,000 ius of natural vit E daily.  Natural wormer, diat. earth, flax, and a pelleted feed which I am thinking of changing when I bring him home at the end of this month.  He is also on a hoof supplement that has saved his feet. This has tons of vit. and minerals and all the probiotics for his hind gut for better food absorption.

What do you suggest? 

Thanks again,  Sonya and Red.

I suggest following our "Feed For Success" feeding program at to the "T" except double-up on the Weight Check Oil that is part of the program

It is apparent to me that there are "super bugs" trapped in the fat cells of perhaps liver and most likely nervous system (see the article on fats in the website AND the one called Perfect Pastures). This extra may help "flush them out" so they don't flare at the next stress. I also suggest our Joint Check which will also help get rod of "past junk". Such as steroids, drugs etc. To boost the immune system I would add our Aller Check… many similar ingredients to Joint Check but totally different concentrations for different function. I would take the horse OFF all other supplements except above. Massive minerals as found in many hoof supplements can get off many things off balance. They may help for awhile but these amounts generally" tip the scales" in other ways resulting in some other issue down the road.

One final thing which is an option… many with EPM horses give our Worm Check weekly (one tube). This works by actually massively boosting the immune system. We have had many horses with EPM over the last decade on the above suggestions. Great results in most but never any allergic or adverse in any way. You also won't need additional vit E.

Thanks for asking!