Marci with questions for her 25-year-old horse…

I've just gotten my horse with me in KY from a farm in northern NJ, and he had started to lose weight at that farm before I brought him down here.  He needs to gain around 200 pounds.  The lady from NJ said he was finicky and didn't eat hay very well anymore and that also he was picky about his grain.  I must say that since he's been in KY (about a week), he's eaten everything we've given him. The woman from NJ said the vet had said that he wasn't absorbing his food well.

Also last winter the vet said he had a grade IV heart murmur.  He was given 1/2 dose Winstrol and at pasture over the summer he gained his weight back.

However he started losing again when it started getting cold in NJ.  Since he started losing weight again, the NJ vet advised me to bring him down here and not wait until winter.  In the last six weeks before coming he's been given two doses of Winstrol.  So far down here he is bright, alert, interested in his surroundings and appears quite normal except for needing to gain 150-200 pounds.  

Do you have any suggestions as to how to optimally feed him now? The person he's boarded with now is a small animal vet.  She's giving him alfala/orchard grass mix in the stall and orchard grass hay when he's out.  We're in the process of converting him from Triple Crown Senior with a top dressing of 6% extruded fat to I believe she wants to put him on Purina probably senior of some kind and also give him 16% extruded fat pellets.  I also want to get him on chondroitin and glucosamine with MSM.  Have you any advice for me on the best way to get him to a healthy weight?  I've been told that if we can get him to maintain a healthy weight, his heart murmur may become a non-issue.  

Thank you in advance.
Marci J.
Oh, by the way, my horse is large QH/TB.

Follow our "Feed For Success" feeding program to the "T" but give 4 to 8 oz per day of the Weight Check Oil until he gains back what weight needed. Consider our Gut Check to get more "goodie" out of what he does eat. Our Joint Check too is unlike anything on the market. You should have a new horse soon.

Thanks for asking!