Yvonne asks questions about natural help for her German Shepherd's skin problems…

Dear Dr. Dan:

II have a 10 month old German Shepherd. She is healthy except for some skin problems. She had Staph/pseudintermedius on her underside when I got her as a puppy (12 weeks old) That was cleared with Cephalexin, EDTA chlorhexidine spray, mupirocin ointment 2%, and EDTA shampoo.She has had itchy skin and course dry hair. I feed her Acana grasslands 1 cup twice a day and 1/2 can of merrick. At 10 months she developed demodex over her left eye. She is on topicals: Tris-EDTA chlorhexidine and Muricin ointment 2%. I will not give her the systemic pill. I did some reading on this Demodex and found that zinc could be lacking and Omega oils. I have added one organic egg and 1/2 sweet potato to her diet and her coat has improved greatly. Her demodex is better, however, I feel she needs to have her immune system improved.

Could you suggest one of your products or combinations of natural things to help her with these skin problems.

I found out about you from Brenda K
Thank you for your time, Yvonne S.

Absolutely. The skin is the largest organ. Most skin issues are related to the body trying to get rid of "junk" and a suppressed immune system.  I would suggest; our Omega Coat Check oil to provide all the fatty acids & our Aller Check supplement (Pets) for the immune system. To help get rid of all the "junk" already in the system (past meds etc.) add our Health Check supplement (for pets).  Our human product- Redoxx capsules have also helped many- with Redoxx, I suggest 1 capsule per 25 lbs body weight for two weeks then cut that amount in half and continue from there.

Send me pictures of yoir "new pet"!
Thanks for asking and thanks Brenda for referring,
Dr. Dan