Connie asks about horse showing signs of IR/Cushings

Dr. Dan… I recently discovered that my horse is showing signs of IR/Cushings.

I've gotten on the web and see so much conflicting information. I ordered your RedCal + Magnesium but wanted to know how much oats do you feed a IR/Cushing's horse? I'm reading that they should be pulled off grain but you're saying feed oats? She's on burmuda grass and getting ready for coastal hay to come in (low sugar type.

Your thoughts?
Connie C.

Please consider follow the advise at to the "T". That would mean gradually switching to the same volume of oats that you are now feeding of grain. To the oats, add our Just Add Oats supplement and Weight Check oil.  Continue the Red Cal (hi-mag version).  If your horse has a cresty neck and really overweight, then add the Critical Care I/R formula. The later is pricey but there is nothing like it and fortunately only a tub or two is generally needed to take the crest away.

Oh yea, I really don't like bermuda or coastal hay. I don't care what anyone says ..orchard grass or timothy are better.  And don't worry about the sugar in hay. Its not that big a deal.

Enjoy your new horse and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan