Carrie, asks about Weight Check Oil for her mare and shares about success with dealing with scratches this past summer…

Hi Dr. Dan,  

My mare is going to be 29 in March.  I am having trouble keeping weight on her.  Right now she is getting 5 pounds of senior feed and 2 pounds of stablilized rice bran.  I would like to start giving her your Weight Check Oil and am wondering if I should continue with the rice bran.  They also receive the Red Cal.

 I just wanted to add that last summer (2009) my other mare struggled with scratches.  I treated her ALL summer long with little success.  We live in Northern Wisconsin and have had the rainiest summer on record.  I thought for sure with all the rain (this year) that she would have horrible scratches again.,  She did not have one episode with scratches.  The only thing different this summer is that she is eating plain oats instead of processed feed and I started her on Red Cal.

Thank you so much,


Thanks for sharing about the scratches and our products making a difference! You won't need the rice bran for sure. Consider adding our Just Add Oats supplement to the diet too.

Thanks again for sharing and asking Carrie!