Chantal, asks about a boarder horse covered with hives…

Dear Dr. Dan,

First of all, I wanted to say that I personally use your supplements for my horse and love them.  But I am writing to you about a horse in my barn who has been covered in hives for a few weeks now. His veterinarian has given him antihistamines but they don't seem to be making any difference. His main diet is alfalfa cubes and he does not get any kind of additional food or supplements.  

I feel so sorry for him and would love to hear what you have to say.

Thank you so much. Best regards,
Chantal D.

Thank you Chantal. The answer is simple in my opinion-
Get him off all commercial feed and follow the feeding program just like you already know ( Add our Aller Check supplement for additional support and our Health Check supplement to help get rid of all the "junk" in the system.  (Antihistamines, steroids, past vaccinations, junk from commercial feed, dewormers etc.)

The above has helped hundreds and hundreds. If anything will help the above will and as mentioned has helped many.

Thanks for asking!