Emily asked about old saddle sore on rescue horse…

Hi Dr. Dan…

I will be taking in a rescue jousting horse who has a large saddle sore on his spine…. Its not growing hair and looks like it has developed scar tissue because it stands taller than the rest of his back. Would you recommend anything other than your grapebalm ?

Also any suggestions for old tendon injuries?  This horse was only used for jousting a handful of times in a year… Unlikely warmed up….Worked hard… Put away wet"…. Then turned out to very lush pasture!  Both front legs are quite Thick"… no bowe.

Many thanks.

Emily B.

Hi Emily,

Our Joint Check may help both issues and of course, like you said, the Grape Balm topically.  

Any draining lesion in the withers area should be checked however. There is GREAT potential of such being contagious to people. So if so, PLEASE have it checked before doing anything else.

Thanks for asking Emily