Jennifer asks about diet for rescued QH that's HYPP postive…

Dr Dan…

I rescued a 16 year old Quarter horse about 3 months ago.  He is HYPP positve.  

Currently he eats 6 cups of Blue Seal brand 'DEMAND', 4 cups of oats and a tsp. of white corn syrup -twice a days.  Plus hay and grass all day.  

I want to get him off of the pelleted grain but am not sure what to give in place.  

I am going to start giving him RedCal as soon as I get it.  And are 2 or 3 carrots a day ok?  

Thank you, Jennifer

Great on the Red Cal! And OK on the carrots. 

And Great on the Rescue!!!

Stop the corn oil!!

Please consider our Weight Check oil.

I would also suggest our "Just Add Oats" supplement, but start with just a pinch and work your way up.

 We have never had an issue with HYPP horses using JAO (hundreds of such have used it) but always best to start slow,just in case..

Thanks for asking Jennifer!