Pam asks about horse with fecal liquor…

Hi Dr. Dan,
 I have a 13 year old Hanoverian that has loose stools and squirts fecal liquor that runs down his legs.  If he has gas, the fecal liquor squirts out.

 Sometimes his stools will be formed but soft other times they will be very loose but not soupy.  This has been an ongoing problem for several years.  It cleared when I moved him to a different place for one year.  I moved him back to the same place and he was fine for about one year and now the problem is back again.  

The vet doesn't seem that concerned about it, but I am.  When the liquor squirts he will get anxious as he passes the gas and then calms right after.  I have tried just about everything I can think of and have researched continously.  I have used all types of wormers and none help.  I have used several types of probiotics, no improvement.  

I have used psyllium, no change.  I stopped all supplements, no change.  He gets timothy and bermuda hay.   I tried herbs, vitamins, grapefruit seed extract, clay, bentonite, diatamacous earth, digestive aids, oat bran, oat flour, b vitamins, natural anti-inflammatories, enzymes, Kocci Free and anything else that might help.  I have found nothing that helps.  He appears normal, eats well, is exercised regularly, has fresh water daily, turnout, etc.  He is a happy horse other than this issue. He lives in a 40×60 sand paddock.

I am at my wits end. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.   Let me know if you need further information.  

Thank you,

I see many with such. If you will follow the feeding advise at to the "T" and info at chances are great you will have a new horse.

Since this has been going on so long and so many things have been used you will need to add for additional support our Gut Check supplement (so much more than probiotics) and our Aller Check (to help get rid of all the past junk such s dewormers etc and help the gut itself too) No other supplements or food except the oats and what suggested her. Deworming only if positive fecal results too.

Thanks for asking. Get back with me after a month or so on the above.