Kathy asks more about Deworming


 I took your advice on doing a fecal check on my mare for worms.  She was wormed 5 weeks ago with a paste wormer.  The fecal check came back totally clear with no parasites what-so-ever.  The vet does a fecal check by spinning etc. and doesn't just do a float therefore getting a truer reading.  She is not a shedder. I was very happy.  What now???  I usually worm every 8 weeks but now I don't have to.  When do I worm next?? Do I use your herbal wormer when I do.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks,  Kathy H.

Actually floats are just as effective for testing.  I am glad your vet does fecals for horses, most don't. I would just do another fecal in 8 weeks when you normally would deworm. If positive try ours or continue with the chemical "poisons" (obviously not my favorite choice but sometimes required since they have been so overused and there are so many resistant species now). Thanks for asking!