Jamie asked about "Diet and Vaccinations"

Dear Dr. Dan,

We have a 2 1/2 year old Straight Eqyptian Arabian Gelding, Rami.  We are currently boarding him at a place that runs everything traditionally (regular worming and shots).  He is out in the pasture 24/7.  We want to take him off that regimen and raise him naturally. We are new horse owners..we have only had Rami for over a year ( I won him at Charity Action:) – he is my dream horse and we love him).  So we are learning as we go.  He was raised on Strategy.  He came to us when he was  little over a year old.  We only feed him once a day Strategy mixed with a vitamin/mineral supplement we bought from Horsetech – what they recommended, long with flaxseed, a probiotic and some Vit C.  The rest of time he is out in the pasture.  He will start hay again soon.  

After meeting one of your reps at the World EQ Games here in Lexington, KY, we tried your Red Cal. Rami loved it.  Then we read about your feeding program and are going to that next.

My questions for you:  

Someone said because Arabians are warmblooded, taking Rami to Oats could be a problem is this true? Or can I do w hat I was doing with the Strategy and just give him some to take down the"Just Add Oats,  Weight Check Oil and Health Check( I thought it would be good to add this to his diet, too).  Second, the people we board with are vaccinating twice or more a year.  Does he really need all those shots? Will I endanger him if I don't vaccinate, but the other horses are vaccinated regularly?   Is there a point where you don't really need to vaccinate anymore because the horse has built up an immunity like they are discovering with other animals such as dogs? So you can just do nosodes or titers to check out their immunity?

I understand you don't vaccinate your horses. Personally that would be my preference, but as long as we are at this boarding place, what do you suggest?

They don't require us to vaccinate by the way.  And this past spring, I didn't give Rami the Rabies or the West Nile Shot everyone else received. He only had the tetanus.  I do muscle testing and I didn't get that he needed the other shots.  Now the people where I board just gave shots to their horses again. They did not buy shots for us and told us to contact the vet to pick up what we need – we have a very traditional Vet who works for Rood and Riddle here.  I haven't found anyone who is holistic yet.  

Sorry for such the long post, but I would deeply appreciate your perspective on all this. I really want to raise a healthy horse:).  One more complication to the matter – we may be moving to the Davidson, NC area in late December. I know I will have to transport him via a horse transport service – we don't have a trailer yet.  

I am assuming I will have to get him specific shots to transport him across the state line? Do you use homeopathics to help combat the effects?

Any other thoughts on what we can not do regarding the traditional vaccinations in this case?  

Thank you so much for your help and time.  All the best, Jamie

Thanks for asking!! No vaccines are required for transport…. Only coggins test and health certificate.

Personally I don't vaccinate ANYTHING for ANYTHING under ANY circumstances unless required by law. Of course I am not the norm. I don't use nosodes as they would have to given monthly to "maybe" help. I would use if there were an outbreak close of whatever. As a "classical homeopath, this would be the proper way to utilize)  Titers are not yet commonly done for horses and really don't know any labs that have enough normals to determine efficacy.

Oats are great and perfect for any horse. Commercial feed is not so u are definitely on the right track. You won't need any other supplements or flax with the feeding program.

Please go to www.wormcheck.com about deworming info too.

I am so glad your facility doesn't require vaccines and deworming!!!!

Again, thanks!

Dr Dan

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