Audrey's question about "black ointment" for hooves…


I got your email from my sister Lin.  I would like your input about a "black Ointment"  that
is a preventive measure for abscesses on horses' hooves.  Also another person told me that  Black
Blood Root Salve is a drawing salve that would possibly prevent abscesses.  Please let me know
your thoughts. 

Thank you.
Audrey M.

Thanks for asking!

My thoughts are not to guess with what's in a "black ointment" RATHER I suggest our black ugly smelly Grape Balm herbal ointment.

We also have it as a Grape Balm hoof Healer with a brush jar.

I also suggest listening to the audio about white line, thrush etc in the library section of our web site. There is a lot more to hoofs than ointments too.

Again, Thanks!