Teri asked about mare's joint pain…

Hi Dr. Dan.

I have a 14yr.old mare who has had stifle issues, first on the right 8 months ago, now on the left recently. The first time it happened, she was back into work just a week later.  This time she seems very sore throughout her back end.  Both stifles are infused.  She is laying down much more than normal. She has always been over at the knees, but it is much more pronounced on the left front now.  She had a chiropractic adjustment 2 days ago, but no improvement has been noticed.

Her meals consist of Safe Starch Forage, whole oats and Speedy Beet.  She has free access to RedCal… which she eats a TON of.  She started an regimen for allergies (specific antibody injections) about 7 months ago. Her allergies were in the form of respiratory complaint- allergic to Fescue and many other pasture ingredients. She gets wormed 1Xyear- Equimax, to make sure we've hit the tape worms. Vaccinations are EWT, Rabies, West Nile. She is over weight and is managed for grazing.

I just ordered wt. check oil and just add oats to try to approach this nutritionally before my vet wants to inject her with 'stuff'. What is the possibility that the allergy injections have precipitated these reactions? Am I approaching this correctly?  Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Teri Q.

Thanks for asking. I would stop the. Beet and commercial feed. Personally I don't do allergy injections not do I suggest them. I focus instead on the immune system. Getting off commercial feed and following the feeding advise like u are now doing will help. I would add for support the Aller Check supplement and Health check supplement (to help detox the "junk"). Of would vaccinate as little as you can possibly feel comfortable with. I don't do any unless required by law and none are that I know of.

Continue the chiropractor and at least for now add the Joint check at two scoops per Day. U can actually not use the health check if u do this simply because joint check already contains all of health checks ingredients.

On allergies ..such testing always comes back allergic to "everything" you can't possibly keep a horse away from. So..I focus elsewhere such as feed (allergies aways start in the gut as well as respiratory often).

Also please stop just "deworming" and do fecals to check first. Its not 100 percent but in my opinion much better than giving chemicals "just because".  www.wormcheck.com has a great article on parasite resistance issues from overuse of such.

Stifles generally do start in the back first so well done on chiro.. I would suggest 4 days after first treatment and then perhaps even weekly for awhile. At least check.

Thanks also there are many articles, audios, videos etc regarding allergies in our library section of the site