Patricia frustrated by feeding , asks for help…

Feeding has gotten so complicated.!  Never had so much problems!!!!  Horse thyroid, IR,possible cushings… did better on peroglide, He is a barrel horse not sound,barefoot trim year later still not sound(He had coffin bone coming thru his sole when shod with natural balance)  Will grow sole than totally sheds and is very thin soled again.  He gets some alfafae, is on bermuda grass pasture,orchard grass hay.  Gets Cool stance from austrailia(supposed to be able to help cushings and IR horses,plus don't have to feed pyslium) Gets performance microbials(pre yeast,yeast,equinne specific bugs) salt,(not by a block,loose)  Gets Magnesium,copper,zinc.  Gets dried coconut oil powder. 4 months ago lab Kentucky,low tyroid so went on l-tyroid,2 months later treating with peroglide!!!

Insane,can't get him balanced feed or metabolic,than vet says mechanical laminitis??? vicious cycle, This was a $30,000 yearling when I bought him…He is very talented and fast,not,over run as barrel horse, never have run him on bad ground,etc. Use back on track products,accupressure,chiro–vet work routinely,etc… ???????  In california can reach 115 degress…  winter = 30 and freezing fog….This horse wants to work!!!!!  HELP!

Patricia R.

Simple… Stop every thing except pergolide and thyroid (wean him off them as see improvement). Follow the advise at to the "T".

Also add our Joint Check supplement for support. If the horse is painful then add the critical care laminitis formula. If fat and overweight then add the critical care insulin resistance over weight formula. I would be surprised if you don't have a new horse soon. I do see a lot of such situations. Hang in there.  I would be very very surprised if didn't see results. Nothing is 100 percent though but I can't think of any it hasn't helped. Thanks for asking Patricia!