Lynn asked about Stifle issue and "pelleted" supplements…

I have been adding Joint Health by Springtime to my TWH's feed for a month or so now. He is 14 and has had a sticky stifle intermittently for 2 yrs. Usually I am able to ride him enough to keep it from being a big issue, but this year it seems to be worse.

My problem is he seems to leave quite a bit of the product in his bucket. I think he would do better with a pelleted form.

Do you have a pelleted form of joint supplement? What would you recommend?

Lynn S.

I don't suggest pellets of any kind. Pellets are cooked and I don't know any horse that would eat anything cooked in the wild… cooking also destroys in my opinion. I WOULD suggest our Joint Check supplement. There is nothing like it. i would be very surprised if you and your horse don't like it better. Results have been great with such issues as well. If anything will help nutritionally I suspect it will. Thanks for asking Lynn!