Answered Mary with her question about diarrhea in horse with cushings…

Hi Dr. Dan,

My 23 year old Appy has had cushings for almost 3 years – the only symptoms have been the curly, non-shedding coat, a slightly stand-offish attitude, and some slow healing of an eye infection.  But now she has had serious diarrhea for 3 months.  The vet thought it might be because of the newly cut hay she started eating in July but she has always had this local hay – and frankly it is quite low in quality so I don't think this is it…and she hasn't gotten used to it as the vet thought she might. 

I'm wondering if your product Gut-Check might be something to try or if you have any ideas.  She has always had loose stool but this is really liquid and just runs down her backside. 

Thanks Mary

I see many with such Mary. The cushings does make it worse though but actually these suggestions may help that as well. It has others for sure.
If you will follow the feeding advise at to the "T" and chances are great you will have a new horse…fecal consistency wise anyway, barring some other major issue. Since this has been going on so long you will need to add for additional support  the Gut Check supplement (so much more than probiotics) and our Aller Check (to help get rid of all the past junk such s dewormers etc and help the gut itself too with the mucosa etc.) No other supplements or food except oats and what suggested her. Deworming only if positive fecal results too.

Thanks for asking. Get back with me after a month or so on the above.