Karen asks, Grape Balm Product on cat?

Can I use your Grape Balm product on my cat?  
Karen E.

Yes, even if they lick some its oK. Which of course they will, but use thin coating so they don't excessively lick.

Thanks For Asking!

Grape Balm Herbal Wound Healer

Part #: C-1005

8 Oz. Jar – Grape Balm Herbal Wound Healer
Icky and ugly – but highly effective! Truly a multi-purpose herbal healer, that seems to be working for everything. Wounds and raw itchy skin like rain rot or scratches heal quickly with daily use. Helps prevents scarring in deep wounds too! Contains Grape Seed Extract, Clove Oil, Walnut, Pau D’ Arco, Garlic and Artemisia and NO chemicals! If your horse has an external skin problem this is a MUST TRY product! 8 Oz. Jar – Grape Balm Herbal Wound Healer