Cindy, adopting a horse, asks about EPM

Dr. Dan,

We are considering adopting a horse from our local rescue. We were told that he had and was treated for EPM over a year ago. As we understand this will always remain in his system and can flair up if stressed. The problems we have noticed are that he can be a little wobbly at times and drag his hind feet, also when he is eating his hay he will leak small amounts of urine frequently. He is on the thin side and lacks muscle tone. We were told that if we can start working him and put him on supplements to build his immune system it could help these problems.

Any input would be appreciated.
Cindy T.

We have successfully helped many EPM horses. Not always but very frequently.

You are correct in that it does frequently come back regardless though. The organisms effect the nervous system etc. In my opinion they actually become "trapped" in the fat cells. (spinal cord, brain, liver etc) AND in my opinion they do so because of the hydrogenated fats being fed today. These are common in commercial feeds. Before such feeds there was not even such a disease. Of course I havn't "proved" this scientifically BUT when we "flood" the body with good fats instead of these bad fats they often get better. Of course not putting such back in the body helps too as does supporting the immune system and helping the body get rid of "junk" in general. Every cell in the body is surrounded by fat. It is these cellular membranes that let the nutrients inside the cells and the waste products out. Hydrogenated fats make these cellular membranes like little plastic balls instead of vibrant functioning these cells. Of course the big question is what else have we done to our horses making them susceptible to an organism from opossum manure. the two species co mingled for millions of years.. why now is it a problem… vaccines, of course this type of fat, overuse of chemicals etc. etc.  

My protocol is simple. Get off all commercial feed. Follow the advise at to the "T". Do double the suggested amount of Weight Check (good fatty acids for flushing) suggested on the label. Also for immune support start on the Aller Check supplement and to help get rid of other "junk" in the body put the horse on the Health Check as well.  
Dr Dan

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